Keeping quiet buildings operational and safe

JLL operations director keeps large office building humming.

March 29, 2020

While buildings might have gone quiet in recent weeks, they aren’t empty.

The large office building in Britain where Alan Epps works usually houses 5,000 people. Right now, it’s down to just 20 staff working to maintain critical services like plumbing and data systems, as well as the building’s general appearance.

“The client still requires round-the-clock onsite support, and so we’re running day and night shifts,” says Alan, an operations director for Integral, JLL’s Integrated Facilities Management arm in the UK.

With the building using less energy, Alan has been working to improve efficiency while also making sure it will be safe, compliant, operational and able to reopen to employees as soon as it can.

Despite unique conditions, he and his colleagues are keeping their spirits up.

“Giving a simple thumbs up to each other from across the floor as we keep our distance doesn’t sound like much, but it’s working to keep up morale.”

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