Market forecasting

Identify your next strategic opportunities, where and when to invest

We provide real estate insights across 14 countries and 56 cities in Asia Pacific across all commercial real estate asset classes. With over 170 researchers and property professionals on the ground in all markets, we have market experience and intelligence on data spanning different sectors. Combined with market-leading databases and an economic model-building team of professional economists and statisticians, we can provide 5- to 10-year forecasts based for all key real estate metrics to help you identify your next investment opportunity or to formulate a long-term portfolio strategy.

How can we
help you?

Explore how we help our clients achieve their investment goals.

Data is the key ingredient to successful decision making. Access data for real estate market indicators, including financial and physical evidence, as well as indexes and transactions to understand the status of your current assets and prospective portfolio or investment strategy.


Measure your existing portfolio or asset performance in terms of occupancy, income and market valuation against the wider market performance.

Scenario analysis

Get beyond simple line or point forecasts. Engage with the JLL Research team to explore market outcomes under a range of macro-economic scenarios; identify areas of sensitivity and opportunity; clarify key market drivers and gain additional insights into the management of market cycles. 

Trends and insights

Present structured propositions to your investment committee supported by our latest research on market drivers, themes, trends and evidence. Our transparent forecasting process will provide an additional dimension to your investment discussions and decisions.